Opening of Orti Podere San Ludovico – Agenzia locale Sviluppo Pilastro Nord Est

Opening of Orti Podere San Ludovico – Agenzia locale Sviluppo Pilastro Nord Est

Next Sunday, October 15th, Agenzia locale Sviluppo Pilastro Nord Est will launch the opening of Podere San Ludovico and its 108 Gardens. The event will start from 10.30 a.m. and it will take place in Via Fantoni, 47, San Donato Quarter.

On the total of 108 parcels:

  • 78 will be addressed to the young under-25 Bolognese and families with children;
  • 8 will be the parish of the MastroPilastro association;
  • the rest will remain in the hands of the previous horticulturists, who take care of the place, where November 15 will be officially born FICO.

The inauguration is part of the prestigious frame of the 2nd edition of the Bologna Award 2017 International Prize for Agro-Food Sustainability, which will be held in Bologna on Saturday, October 14, and the Worldfood Festival on 16 October.
The event represents the first stage of the overall regeneration of a property given by the City of Bologna to the Development Agency to foster the development of community social entrepreneurship.

The initiative, promoted by Caab and the Agenzia locale Sviluppo Pilastro Nord Est, together with the Municipality, the San Donato-San Vitale Quarter and the Fico Foundation, aims to make more attractive a city area once characterized by various forms of degradation; the event will be close to the ‘World Food Day’ of next Monday.
Pilastro 2016 is a development project for the area of the Pillar promoted between 2014 and 2016 by the City of Bologna – with the contribution of the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Monte di Bologna and Ravenna Foundation.

On 10th March 2016 the Local Agency of Development Pilastro/ North-East District Onlus was established by its founding members: the City of Bologna, San Donato Quarter, ACER Bologna, Emil Banca, Centro Agroalimentare Bologna, Meraville Shopping Center Consortium and Unipolis Foundation. The Agency has its own statute; it is an open association, placed on the path traced by the Pilastro Project 2016, which provides that the Agency will also be one of the members of the future Community Cooperative.

One of ONLUS’s objectives is to involve other economic and social realities in activities aimed at the development of the area.

Domenica 15 Ottobre, dalle ore 10.30, l’Agenzia locale Sviluppo Pilastro Nord Est inaugurerà i 108 Orti Podere San Ludovico. L’evento si svolgerà in Via Fantoni 47, nel quartiere S. Donato.