UNIVERSSE 2017, the 4th European Congress for Social Solidarity Economy

UNIVERSSE 2017, the 4th European Congress for Social Solidarity Economy

From 9th to 11th June the city of Athens is going to host UNIVERSSE 2017, the 4th European Congress for Social Solidarity Economy.

The City will become a meeting point for people, collective ventures, SSE organizations and groups all around Europe, who work to promote and enhance SSE. Representatives of SSE organizations from more than 20 countries is expected to participate.

The most important goal for UNIVERSSE 2017 is to contribute to the process of outlining the unifying principles and practices of the polymorphous ecosystem of SSE. “To be a moment of open deliberation and public dialogue, of meeting up and networking, of knowledge and exchange of know-how, of hosting new endeavors and enhancing synergies, of forming common references, discourses and visions.”

The conference will explore different thematic areas:

  • Concepts, forms and fields of SSE and cooperativism
  • Responsible consumption, production and climate change
  • Practices of SSE on social integration with a special focus on refugees issues
  • Social innovation: research, technology, education and tools for SSE
  • Commons: approaches and practices on digital, natural, urban, cultural commons
  • Public policies (local, national, European level) promoting SSE: from whom, for who, what for

LabGov, with its co-founder prof. Christian Iaione, is going to attend the event.

The full program is available on the conference’s official website: https://universse2017.org/en/program/