Call for practice – “Nice to meet you G7!”

Call for practice – “Nice to meet you G7!”

Economic, environmental and social sustainability in the field of transports and infrastructure are at the center of the new call for practice “Nice to meet you G7!”, launched by ItaliaCamp with the support of the Italian Minister of Transport and Infrastructures.

The call, which develops within the framework of the Italian presidency of the G7, is addressed to public administrations, public bodies, enterprises, startups, associations, foundations, cooperatives, universities, research centers and citizens.

The aim is to imagine together a new mobility paradigm which could benefit the entire community in economic, social and environmental terms. It is time to build a new future in which mobility services and infrastructures are built together with citizens and local actors according to their needs, by using innovative materials and regenerating old structures in order to make the services economically and environmentally sustainable.

If you think your project contributes to achieving these aims and could represent a good practice in this filed, take part in the “Nice to meet you G7!” call and candidate your innovative solution on the website by the 19th of May 2017.  The best proposals will have the opportunity to take part in the activities taking place in Cagliari on the 21st and 22nd of June, in conjunction with the G7 Transports, which will see the participation of representatives of the Ministry, of public and private enterprises, of experts and different stakeholders active in this field.

The call for practices will assign two mentions, one for best practices coming from public bodies and one for innovative solutions and good practices developed by private subjects.

Here are the guidelines for the call.


Hai un progetto che contribuisce a promuovere sostenibilità ambientale, economica e sociale nell’ambito di infrastrutture e #trasporti?

Contribuisci ad immaginare un nuovo paradigma di mobilità sostenibile partecipando alla call “Nice to meet you G7!” e presentando la tua soluzione innovativa o una buona pratica già realizzata!

Le call è aperta fino al 19 maggio, candidati sul sito!