URBACT III – 2nd Change, Waking up the “sleeping giants”

URBACT III – 2nd Change, Waking up the “sleeping giants”

The event Integrating “urban commons” in the reactivation of vacant buildings and sites will take place on the 26th and 27th of January in the city of Genoa.

The event is organized by URBACT III 2nd Chance network within the framework of the Waking up the “sleeping giants” project, which involves several European cities in the regeneration and activation of vacant buildings and building complexes for a sustainable urban development. The network, one of the working groups focusing on urban governance at European level, is led by the city of Naples and brings together cities like Brussels (Belgium), Caen (France), Chemnitz (Germany), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Gijon (Spain), Liverpool (UK), Lublin (Poland), Maribor (Slovenia), Porto (Portugal), and Genova (Italy). The project’s challenges are to “bring back” abandoned – and often ignored – spaces into the city and to transform them into lively districts, to involve people in the process and in the definition of their new uses, and to understand how to finance the processes and how to get hold of the buildings.

The series of workshop that will take place this week in Genoa will offer a precious occasion to approach these challenges and to further reflect on the importance of re-conceptualizing vacant (and giant) buildings as urban commons. Through the workshops it will be possible to collect and confront tools, instruments and good practices of common-good oriented reactivation processes, and in particular to have an enriching exchange about regulations, principles and guidelines on urban commons at local level and about examples, agreements, procedures and financing approaches already developed between the different actors of urban co-governance (as municipalities, private owners, third sector, knowledge institutions and un-organized public). The discussion will be organized around three topics, which are usage of urban buildings, maintenance and rehabilitation and administration and management.

LabGov’s coordinator Professor Christian Iaione will be between the experts leading the workshop and will discuss the importance of managing the city as a commons and developing a new urban co-governance framework.

The workshops will be followed by a visit to the Ex Caserma Gavoglio, one of Genoa’s sleeping giants which will be object of a regeneration process. The visit will allow the participants to apply the knowledge developed during the previous phase to a physical project that is going to be developed on the ground.

More informations on the project 2nd Chance – Waking up the “sleeping giants” are available in the network’s Baseline Study (State-of-the-Art –Starting position).


Il 26 e il 27 gennaio a Genova avrà luogo l’evento Integrating “urban” commons in the reactivation of vacant buildings and sites, organizzato all’interno del progetto 2nd Change – Waking up the sleeping giants, uno dei network sviluppati a livello europeo nel contesto di URBACT III.

Attraverso la serie di workshop, a cui LabGov parteciperà nella figura del Professor Christian Iaione, convocato in qualità di esperto, sarà possibile sviluppare una riflessione approfondita sulle sfide affrontate dal network 2nd Change, dal recupero di edifici abbandonati al loro rigenero e alla loro ri-concettualizzazione in termini di commons urbani, fino alla necessità di trovare forme di governance, mantenimento e finanziamento per i “giganti addormentati”. I workshop saranno anche l’occasione per un confronto su esempi e best practices provenienti dalle diverse città Europee coinvolte nel network.