Civil Economy Festival in Campi Bisenzio!

Civil Economy Festival in Campi Bisenzio!

From November 17th to 19th, Campi Bisenzio in Tuscany will host the Civil Economy Festival ( a great occasion to analyze the Civil Economy as a study branch that proposes a vision of the socio-economic system based on reciprocity, fraternity and public health and happiness.


LabGov, with its co-founder Christian Iaione, will attend the event on Friday, 18th, will attend the Festival and participate to a workshop on Urban regeneration.

The Festival is an initiative of the Comune Campi di Bisenzio, Legambiente, Scuola di Economia Civile and Anci Toscana, with the sponsorship of Regione Toscana and Città Metropolitana di Firenze.

The complete program is available on the official website: