The European Commons Assembly: A convergence space for European Urban Commons

The European Commons Assembly: A convergence space for European Urban Commons


From the 15th to the 17th of November commoners from all over Europe will gather in Brussels to take part in the first meeting of the European Commons Assembly, an initiative that originates as an attempt to collectively reclaim Europe in a time where European institutions are going through a crisis and appear to be loosing their citizens support, while new global issues such as climate change, rising inequalities and exclusion appear to be growing at increasing speed.


The European Commons Assembly aims at strengthening the connections existing within the European commoners network while also gaining broader visibility and credibility for the commons movement as a whole. The participants in the Assembly share a deep commitment to the promotion of direct participation in EU institutions and are calling for a paradigm shift from traditional structures of top-down governance towards a horizontal participatory process for community decision-making in the design and monitoring of all forms of commons.

During the three days Assembly LabGov will be between the commoners that will gather, discuss and exchange views while taking part in a variety of events, both inside and outside the European Parliament. The central appointment will be the meeting that will occur on the afternoon of the 16th, in the European Parliament in cooperation with the EP Intergroup on Common Goods and Public Services (led by Marisa Matias, Dario Tamburrano, Ernesto Urtasun, Sergio Cofferati). The event will not be a traditional parliamentary assembly, but rather a dynamic and participatory process facilitated by a moderator. For those who are unable to attend the meeting in person it will be possible to follow the entire process through this link.

Another important meeting will take place on the morning of the 17th, when the focus of the discussion will be on assessing what has been achieved so far and what is the future of the European Commons Assembly.


The complete program of the event  is available on the website.

It is also possible to follow the policy proposal co-creation process here.



La European Commons Assembly si terrà a Bruxelles dal 15 al 17 Novembre, e sarà l’occasione per i commoners provenienti da tutta Europa di incontrarsi, scambiare idee e unire le forze per promuovere un nuovo paradigma di governance che generi partecipazione diretta nelle istituzioni Europee.

Il programma dell’evento è disponibile sul sito.