Get ready for Sharitaly 2016!

Get ready for Sharitaly 2016!

On Tusday the 15th and Wednesday the 16th on November people from all Italy will gather in Milan to take part inthe 4rth edition of Sharitaly, leading event on collaborative economy at national level. Organized by Collaboriamo and Trailab, Sharitaly aims at fostering the debate on sharing economy and promoting the exchange of good practices by bringing together communities, platforms, firms and administrations. In this 4th edition, titled Sharitaly: Sharing Impact, the focus will be on assessing the degree of diffusion of sharing economy in Italy and on evaluating its impact in the country.


In the last few years sharing economy has been the object of numerous debates that presented it under the most diverse lights: from the passionate supporters who saw it as a solution to the economic crisis to the more skeptics who began to worry about its “dark sides”, a lot has been said.

Shareitaly will be the occasion to consider all these views and to further investigate the role of sharing economy in the contemporary society. Through debates, laboratories and case studies the participants will get together and will confront the most pressing questions on the topic: Does sharing economy destroy employment or does it contribute to the creation of new opportunities and competences? Is it the source of new inequalities or can it produce new forms of collaborative welfare? Does it manage to build new forms of intermediation in the markets? Is it sustainable?

Multiple and complementary answers to these questions will be found throughout the event, as the phenomenon of sharing economy will be observed within different thematic frameworks: from collaborative and distributive finance to open data and local governance, from culture to collaborative living, from citizens’ science to tourism, mobility, employment and manifacture 4.0.


LagGov will be present at the event, where its co-founder Professor Christian Iaione will moderate the discussion on “Sharing and Politics”, discussion that will also see the participation of Vittorio Bugli (Tuscany Region), Nicola Danti (European Parliament), Valeria Montanari (Municipality of Reggio Emilia) Antonio Palmieri and Veronica Tentori (both members of the Parliamentary Intergroup on Innovation).


The complete program of the event and a list of speakers are available on the official website:

Tickets for the event are available and can be purchased here.

To discover more about the previous editions : 2013, 2014, 2015.


Martedì 15 e mercoledì 16 Novembre a Milano si terrà la quarta edizione di Sharitaly, dal 2013 evento leader in Italia sull’economia della collaborazione. L’evento mira a promuovere il dibattito e lo scambio di pratiche favorendo la contaminazione tra comunità, piattaforme, amministrazioni e aziende, e in questa sua quarta edizione si concentrerà nello specifico sull’osservare la diffusione e l’impatto dell’economia collaborativa oggi in Italia.

Il programma completo dell’evento e una presentazione dei relatori che interverranno sono sono disponibili qui.