Reclaiming the City: Engage Seminar Series in Liverpool!

Reclaiming the City: Engage Seminar Series in Liverpool!

On Wednesday, November 2nd, Engage Liverpool is going to host the final event of Engage Seminar Series 2016, a series of 3 transformational seminars, designed to empower people and bring about a more engaged and active populace.


Professor Christian Iaione, LabGov’s co-founder, will be the main speaker of the Seminar, and he will be talking about how people are bringing about real change in Bologna and other Italian cities. The main question to be looked at during this last event, in fact, is “how cities are governed”.

The whole Seminar Series is focusing on how city centre residents can challenge and change prevailing attitudes around consumerism, individualism and fatalism and in the process become citizens, neighbours and collaborators in governing the city.

Engage Liverpool CIC is a social enterprise which is run by volunteers who live in the apartments of the Waterfront and City Centre: learn more about the project on its official website:

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