Tenerife Isla Colaborativa!

Tenerife Isla Colaborativa!

From the 19th to the 24th of September, the Fine Arts’ Faculty of La Laguna University in Tenerife is hosting Tenerife Isla Colaborativa, an event associated with the New Economy and Social Innovation Global Forum.

Tenerife Colaborativa is a project born in 2015 with the aim of enabling the citizens of the island to gain knowledge and skills in order to transit into a new collaborative paradigm and to start concrete projects and initiatives for the built of this new model.

Tenerife Colaborativa 2016 wants to master this objective by drawing an itinerary and shaping methodologies and shared facilities that can accelerate and consolidate the path already begun.

The program of the event is available here

TFC 2016 is articulated into two groups of activities:

  • Presentations and workshops held by experts upon learning, reflecting and inspiring actions
  • Meetings with local initiatives

Christian Iaione, LabGov’s co-founder, is attending the event together with other experts (among which Michael Bauwens, Domenico Di Siena, Diego Isabel and others) to talk about urban commons and public/private collaboration models on the impulse of collaborative territories: in one of his speeches he is in fact presenting the Bologna “Regulation on the collaboration among citizens and the city for the care and regenerationof urban commons”.


Today, 21st of September, the program provides in the morning a panel discussion on the regulatory framework of Sharing Economy. Christian Iaione and Michael Bauwens are participating to the debate together with local authorities and academic experts.

During the afternoon an other panel discussion will be held with various experts, focusing on the principale objective of TFC2016: the co-creation of an itinerary for the transformation of Tenerife in a collaborative territory.

More information about the event on the official website.