The Inaugural Convening of the Global Parliament of Mayors

The Inaugural Convening of the Global Parliament of Mayors

The GPM – Global Parliament of Mayors – is a new global governance organization founded on cities and will bring Mayors from all over the world together to share best practices. During the inaugural meeting that will be held tomorrow 10th of September in The Hague, two issues will be addressed that affect all cities: Migration and the Environment & Climate Change.
Mayors from cities like Amman, Cape Town, Dakar, Mannheim, Rio de Janeiro, Rotterdam, Quito, Warsaw, Wroclaw and The Hague will attend the convening, which will include several plenary sessions as well as breakout and strategy sessions.

This inaugural convening is the output of a process started in 2014 with a Planning Session in Amsterdam, where 30 mayors issued a vote of confidence in the creation of a Global Parliament of Mayors. The proposal of the GPM’s team is to establish a Global Parliament of Mayors, an unprecedented idea first put forward in the final chapter of Dr. Benjamin Barber’s 2013 book If Mayors Ruled the World: Dysfunctional Nations, Rising Cities (Yale University Press). Barber’s hypothesis is that cities might be “to the future what nations were to the past — efficient and pragmatic problem-solving governance bodies that can address sustainability and security without surrendering liberty or equality” (from an interview published on*). During those two days of inaugural convening, mayors and experts from all over the world will discuss on the question: “can mayors really help “rule the world””?

The Inaugural Convening in The Hague will ask Mayors to deliberate and enact common actions on:

  • Refugees: “Cities of Arrival”

  • Climate Change: “The City and Nature”

  • Governance: “The City and Democracy”

LabGov, represented by its co-director Professor Sheila R. Foster, faculty co-director of the Fordham Urban Law Center, and by Elena De Nictolis and Chiara De Angelis, will attend the inaugural convening.

* Read the full interview to Dr. Barber here:[UNIQID]