Nowdays the possibilities to share space , time , houses and any physical locations are increasing. We are experiencing the sharing of urban commons in many ways. Usually the protagonists are citizens that use the abandoned buildings, parks, factories which are re-used with creativity to create something beautiful from an apparently old and abbandonated hub. With this mentality an abandoned building can be seen in a new way, as a meeting place where sharing art or as a laboratory where initiatives can  be born allowing solutions to answer to the needs of citizens. In a time when some territories are facing the necessity to develop new forms of lifestyle, adapting to differences in culture and age existing in the same places. It’s time to find new approaches and new innovative ways to build new entrepreneurship ,able to to solve social problems. Cooperation is the key word !

From 6 to 7  May a national meeting will be held in Turin with the title “Live in a house for living in a neighborhood”, to share experiences of sharing economy, social innovation, renovation and governance  of urban commons that have been taking place in italy and in Europe. The convention is organized by Case Del Quartiere Torino and Animazione Sociale . It is an opportunity to exchange new ideas and to find out about places where to hold workshops for the construction of common goods.

Franco Floris, director of Social Animation,  Erika Mattarella,  coordinator of  Turin C.d.Q., Bertram Niessen  of the association “cheFare” and Marco Demarie from the Compagnia di San Paolowill will chair the meeting.

The conference will see the partecipation of many speakers, such as: Ugo Morelli ,Lucia Bianco ,Luca ComelloDaniela Ciaffi, Cristina Alga,Franco Floris, Roberto Covolo, Marco Martinetti, Christian Iaione, Andrea Marchesi, Guido Smorto.

On saturday we will assist to the presentation of some relevant projects, such as:

The conference also includes the Fair Of Experiences, which consists in exhibition spaces where there will be storytelling moments and projects will have the occasion to interact with other organizations, in order to establish useful relationships for mutual growth.

It will be a great opportunity to share social innovation projects and new ideas for the governance of the urban commons.


Il 6 e 7 Maggio avrà luogo a Torino la conferenza ” Abitare una casa per abitare un quartiere”, organizzata da Case Del Quartiere Torino e Animazione Sociale. Sarà un imperdibile occasione per condividere progetti futuri, presenti e passati sulla condivisione e sullala governance dei beni comuni, un’occasione, a livello italiano e europeo, di scambio fra nuovi spazi-laboratori per la costruzione di beni comuni.