Labgov in Israel to be part of the change

Labgov in Israel to be part of the change


LabGov with professor Christian Iaione will be in Israel this week!

The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies and Bat Yam Urban Center organized the conference as a continuation of the major project “ Israel Sustainability Outlook 2030 ”, which was completed by JIIS and the Ministry for Environmental Protection.

Three panels will be held during the day on:

  • Urban Sustainability and Cooperative Economics – Can the two work together?
  • The New Role of the Public Sphere and Communities
  • Looking Toward the Future

Christian Iaione will talk about The Co-city during the session “New roles for Public and Community Spaces”.

A nice video realized by the The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies JIIS, explains the prospectives and goals of their project and on what they are working on. For example:

  • strategic programs for accelerated economic growth
  • expanding opportunities for disadvantages communities
  • long term population projection for suitable transportation development
  • established jerusalem as the ‘’pilot city’’ for urban sustainability  in Israel.

We want, as the video propound, be part of the change,  by taking part in the conference and sharing knowledge about the projects that LabGov made and on which subjects LabGov is working on

On Tuesday, April 12,  professor Christian Iaione will have a meeting in the Jerusalem Municipality in the morning, during the evening he will participate in a meeting in the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

On Wednesday, April 13, he will take part in Ma’ala Forum for Corporate Social Responsibility in Tel Aviv in the morning and in the evening he will be at an academic seminar in Haifa University.

On Thursday, April 14, he will take part in an interest conference in Jerusalem .



LabGov in Israele per essere parte del cambiamento. Il coordinatore del gruppo , il Prof. Christian Iaione incontrerà esponenti del Municipio di Gerusalemme e del Ministero dell’ Ambiente , prenderà parte alla conferenza del 14 Aprile tenuta all’ JIIS ( Jerusalem Institut of israel Studies) per parlare  di Co-City e per condividere temi sulla Sostenibilità Urbana.