Energy for the cities : 6-8 April 2016 Bologna

Energy for the cities : 6-8 April 2016 Bologna


From 6 to 30 April It is set up in the exhibition spaces of the Urban Center Social residential, a photographic survey to Bologna, edited by Boundary Line for Contemporary Photography, with photographs by William Guerrieri, Guido Guidi, Francesco Blacks, Marco Zanta.

The theme of the exhibition will be examined during a series of lectures,on Wendsday 6 “Social live a photographic survey to Bologna”  on Thursday 7 “From social Housing to collaborative housing ?” and on Friday 8 April “cohabitation spaces, new way to share “,  to interpret the change of social housing estates and find out which new energies produce.

Bologna Municipality and Urban Center Bologna promote three days dedicated to social housing estates and the potential that they offer in terms of change, development and activation of positive energy, thanks to the opportunity offered by the European Herb project.

The exhibition begins with a survey produced by certain authors of the best representatives of Italian contemporary photography on three areas of Bologna (the Bolognina, a portion of the District San Donato and the Savena) with the aim of restoring the richness of everyday life ‘ordinary’ social housing estates, real citizenship incubators.

In fact, several times throughout history these places were the forge of positive change: the concentration of different communities who are confronted, the desire to create an independent path. They have offered to the city precious energy for its development. Energy plowed into widespread urban regeneration projects, energy upgrading, maintenance and care of social housing buildings, upgrading of public spaces of the city.

The aim of the conference will be to explore and test results and potential of new policies aimed at achieving improvements in the quality of physical space and simultaneously able to activate and stimulate the social and inter-cultural inclusion, encouraging the development of a positive economy , that is, in general, to improve the welfare of the community.

In particular On 7 April Labgov will be present with professor Christian Iaione, Luiss University,  that will introduce and moderate the debate discussed by Claudio Costantini Prelios SGR, Fabio Carlozzo Invest SGR, Paola Delmonte CDP SGR, Fabrizio Bigioni and Valerio Audisio Fabrica SGR, Luca Dondi Nomisma, Riccardo Malagoli Councillor House of the Municipality of Bologna, Luca Talluri Federcasa.

During the evening the debate will continue with the issue : Social housing and energy efficiency. The HERB project and public housing regeneration practices. It introduces Simona Tondelli University of Bologna, will discuss Marco Corradi Acer Reggio Emilia, Giovanni Fini Municipality of Bologna, Antonio Loreto Galletti

SpA, Marco Mercatili Nomisma, Attilio Raimondi Emilia-Romagna Region, Enzo Zanchini University of Bologna, concludes Riccardo Malagoli Councillor House of the Municipality of Bologna. In collaboration with the Order of Engineers of Bologna.


Abitare sociale energie per la città, è una mostra fotografica e un ciclo di conferenze per interpretare il cambiamento dei quartieri di edilizia sociale e scoprire quali nuove energie producono. Il 7 aprile Labgov sarà presente con il professor Christian Iaione che andrà ad introdurre e moderare il dibattito : “Dal social housing al collaborative housing?”