Sharing School 2016

Sharing School 2016


The topic  of the second edition of the Sharing School will be CO-Cities and CO-territories, cities and territories collaborative. The focus of the work will be on the design and redesign of urban and indoor areas, at the time of collaborative economy.

Sharing school is organized by : Labgov , Casanetural, RENA, Collaboriamo.

As areas of action to be explored with the participants and the teachers have been chosen: the collaborative agriculture, collaborative living, the suburbs as places of social integration, culture as knowledge and promotion of tourism.

The training experience is aimed at:

– Policy makers: politicians, managers and public officials, administrators who want to understand what it is and how to promote the collaborative economy;

– Entrepreneurs, and innovators startupper they have in mind an idea, a project, a business and want to understand how to achieve the best;

– Designers, experts and professionals working for public and private institutions and want to understand how to use the tools of collaboration.

 Priority will be given to 35 participants, including 5 ” holders ” of collaborative projects, one of them is Labgov, consistent with the program, to study and implement together during the days of Sharig School in workshop sessions.

Priority will be given to projects that have:

– Elements of digital innovation;

– Organizational and community development techniques;

– Scalability and replicability of the project;

– In the medium to long term sustainability model;

– Objectives such as job creation, the reduction of urban poverty, sustainable land use.


Il tema della seconda edizione della scuola condivisa  è CO-Città e CO-territori, città e territori collaborativi. Il focus dei lavori, sulla progettazione e riprogettazione delle aree urbane e interne al tempo dell’economia collaborativa.

La Sharing School è  organizzata da : Labgov, Collaboriamo, RENA, Casanetural.