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Lagos is a city in the Nigerian state of Lagos with 16.348.100 inhabitants . Is the largest city in Nigeria and in  the African continent,  is second only to Cairo.

If Lagos’s urban spaces seem like an odd place to have a late-night picnic, the organizers of Picnickers Anonymous are changing the way to how look to their city and how share in a better way the resources . they have completely new goals for Lagos.

How Picnickers Anonymous works?

The website declares that the venue is secret but  provides an email sign up form, and instructs you to “bring a bottle and a blanket”.

All city are going to modernize, to be smarter, to be more sharable, to became “little kingdoms of technologies” but the big risk in some case is to lack the human elements .

Probabily Lagos is a new example of smart city that doesn’t start from technology but from human elements ; because the playability dimension starts on the road .

The guardian journal in the article  What can an abstract idea like ‘playability’ do for a city like Lagos?  tries to answers to : how can an admittedly abstract idea like playability help a hectic, sprawling city like Lagos, where almost two-thirds of the population live in slums, only 40% of the city’s waste is collected, and where power outages are a regular occurrence?

Certainly, one single idea cannot change cities this large and chaotic overnight, but change is more realistic when it is open and inclusive. A key goal of the project is to develop local networks, so workshops are key, and in Lagos we heard attendees lament that numerous organizations would come to the city to “fix things”, but then leave soon after. it simply needs to start with citizens coming together – to engage with each other, with state figures and with their local surroundings.

Perhaps the key to playability in Lagos will be the fact that the city is already playable.

The mayhem of this metropolis creates unique opportunities for inclusivity, openness and the reappropriation of space. There may not be stable electricity, but people are forced to think outside the box. Even when stuck in a traffic jam, innovation is rife. Car rooftops operate as impromptu off-licences, and food, drink and even international currency is exchanged through vehicle windows. This city is full of various networks of creative urban thinkers who just might not think of themselves that way yet. Whether it’s around a workshop table or a picnic blanket, playability murmurs in Lagos – it just needs a push.

Not far from Lagos events is the conference “ New Democracy: Co-creating the City ” , where Labgov will take place by prof. Christian Iaione ,  next February 25, 2016  on the topic: Affordable housing, urban poverty, sustainable use of land and diverse communities; European cities face the same social challenges.

Europe and Africa faces different problems but the world should open the eyes to the same face : the importance to see and life the city in a different way more collaborative that will lead to share disadvantages to improve advantages for all , the start can be also Picnickers Anonymous.

Lagos  is  a city full of various networks of creative urban thinkers who just might not think of themselves that way yet. Laos need just a push.


Lagos è una città della Nigeria nello stato del Lagos e conta 16.348.100 abitanti.

In questa megalopoli tentacolare, che è regolarmente luogo di dispute violente circa insediamenti informali e dove gli spazi pubblici spesso richiedono un biglietto d’ingresso, una iniziativa  pacifica e  inclusiva sta diventando un primo passo di  riappropriazione culturale , un piccolo ma radicale atto. : Picnickers Anonymous .