New Europe City Makers Pre-Summit

New Europe City Makers Pre-Summit




On February 4 and 5 City Makers from across 60 cities in the Netherlands and Europe will exchange know-how and experience, during a two day conference in preparation of the City Makers Summit where LabGov will participate . The networks of Nieuw Nederland- Steden in Transitie and New Europe – Cities in Transition will further develop and work on the input for the City Makers Agenda, to inspire the EU Urban Agenda. Co-creating the City Makers Agenda towards the New Europe City Makers Summit.

The goal of the meeting is to face up the problem of the city and take up initiatives , ideas , project that could improve the livability of their cities.

The City Makers will deal about how redevelop neglected brownfields; start community enterprises to create jobs in the neighbourhood, rethink food production through urban farming, address increasing vacancy of shops and industrial heritage or promote a more sustainable use of existing resources alltogether. Our cities face many contemporary challenges, but thanks to initiatives such as City Market it is possible to aim to innovative solutions for the cities. City Makers will turn every problem into a resource for their cities.

On February 4 and 5 they will co-create the City Makers Agenda that will provide insight in how make sure that the best practices flourish and accelerate, how can City Makers combine their societal impact with sustainable business models, which could be the  aspect of new roles of governament and which rules could be simply adjusted to support the works of City Makers .

There will be 12 Expert sessions on :

(1 session about : Coperative Area Devolpment into which will discuss about the role of the public developer and what is needed from the local government , responsible for the civic space and the quality of its entire city .

(2 session about: Alternative Finance into which City Makers will talk about new ways of city making that are calling for alternative financial channels and instruments.

(3  session about:  Co-creation citizens and the government into which City Makers will focus on this changing role between the government and citizens and especially on the co-creation between their.

(4 session about:  Online Platforms into which  City Makers with some good examples of online platforms will explore the power of online world.

(5 session about  Redesigning Democracy into which City Makers will redesign democracy in the city making process

(6 session about: Social Entrepreneurship into which  City Makers will explore how idealism can be combined with a sustainable business model, and the necessity of a European legal form for social enterprises in order to encorporate a social mission in their organizational structure.

(7 session about: Value Creation into which City Makers will discuss about how  are exactly created value by City Makers how is the economical , social and ecological value measured and how  it  can be ensured that the value is captured by the parties who created it.

(8 session about: Open Data into which City Makers will talk about how can open data improve efficiency and effectiveness of government services and help create innovative (bottom-up) solutions to the urban challenges of our time?

(9 session about: Budgetmonitoring

(10 session about: Circular Economy into which City Makers will redesing the future in a way in which production leads to limited waste and pollution and in which building systems are restorative and regenerative.

(11 session about :Community Building into which City Makers will share stories of communities from the Netherlands and Europe.

(12 session about:Community Rights.


Il 4 e 5 febbraio si incontreranno ad Amesteram i  City Makers (creatori di città ), provenienti da tutta Olanda e Europa , per scambiarsi idee e esperienze ; daranno vita ad una conferenza in preparazione del City Makers Summit alla quale LabGov sarà presente. L’obiettivo dell’incontro è quello di affrontare il problema della città ;  prendere iniziative, idee, progetti che potrebbero migliorarne la vivibilità. I creatori della città si occuperanno di come riqualificare aree dismesse e trascurate;  di come avviare le imprese della comunità per creare posti di lavoro nel quartiere ; di come  ripensare la produzione alimentare attraverso l’agricoltura urbana e di come promuovere insieme un uso più sostenibile delle risorse delle città.