LoveItaly!, which is a non-profit voluntary organization, has organized a fundraising Cocktail Party that was held in the famous Corsini Gallery on December 15th 2015 to restore the Imperial Age sarcophagus of Palazzo Corsini. The beneficiary of the evening’s proceeds is the prestigious Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione ed il Restauro, whose students and staff will bring back this monument to its ancient splendour.

Wanting to enhance the value of the decorations and stories that decorate the surface of the sarcophagus, LoveItaly! has created a process of creative commons: an interactive game that promotes the common value of the sarcophagus. Their aim was to make people aware “that it is not an isolated piece of art without voice, but a living creature, that can communicate with us through the sight”.

LoveItaly! had encouraged to post every day from 5th to 12th December on Twitter and on our Facebook page a particular decoration of the sarcophagus using the hashtag #SarcophagusDiary. The players should “compose the virtual pages of a diary of ancient and contemporary memories, re-interpreting freely the detail of the day”. This was a way to actively participate for a week, day after day, to the advancements of the restoration works. The restorers continuously updated us, sending us pictures of the artwork and a report of their activities. The winners had the possibility to enter for free into the LoveItaly! event.  At the event, the 10 winners of the contest participated in a dedicated workshop on the restoration of the sarcophagus, held by prof. Antonella Basile, lecturer of the National Institute for Conservation and Restoration (ISCR), and supported by the students of the Institute and 10 bloggers. It was an exclusive “social media” tour of the Gallery, with a call to action for the evening, assisted by PhD Michela Santoro, LoveItaly!’s community manager. As a bonus the student and the blogger who wrote the most “liked” or “retweeted” post or tweet received a free ticket for the luxurious raffle that was held during the cocktail party.

LoveItaly! efforts are “dedicated to the preservation, promotion and appreciation of Italy’s unique cultural heritage and the world’s greatest living museum. The association is the first of its kind to support conservation projects throughout Italy”, and with this initiative their aim is to spread a general sense of belonging to the Italian cultural commons, the way LabGov always does for commons in general.





LoveItaly é un’organizzazione senza fini di lucro il cui scopo é tutelare, promuovere e valorizzare il patrimonio culturale Italiano. L’associazione ha promosso il restauro del Sarcofago di età imperiale che si trova a Palazzo Corsini.                        LoveItaly!  ha creato un social contest che si è svolto dal 4 al 12 Dicembre ed i cui vincitori sono stati premiati con la possibilità di partecipare gratuitamente al cocktail di raccolta fondi per il restauro del sarcofago i cui beneficiari sono gli studenti e lo staff dell’ Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione ed il Restauro che si occuperanno del restauro.