Commons, Sharing economy and Collaboration: Our Future

Commons, Sharing economy and Collaboration: Our Future

On the 9th of December, professor Christian Iaione, LabGov coordinator, was guest of the event organized by FuturaTrento at Bookique , a literary cafè that became a place where experts and citizens can share their ideas through the word because ideas are instruments able to change reality.



The main topic discussed was the sharing as a tool to promote the care and the regeneration of the commons. After all, how he said < a common good is a sharing good > that needed the alliance between institutions, that should have the duty of making the best conditions to administrate that resources, and communities, to survive.

The sharing is, also, at the heart of contemporary discussion about economic theory: from the sharing economy to the the pooling economy, a new economy composed of “collaborative economy”, sharing economy initiatives that foster peer-to-peer approach and/or involve users in the design of the productive process or transform clients into a community; and of “commons-based economy”, “open cooperativism”, “open platform cooperativism” for sharing economy initiatives that are collectively owned or managed, democratically governed, do not extract value out of local economies but anchor jobs, respect human dignity and offer new forms of social security.Recently, on December the 4th the Committee of the Regions adopted the opinion on sharing economy  written by Christian Iaione and Benedetta Brighenti, deputy major of Castelnuovo Rangone and Alternate Member of the Committee of the Regions ( COR ), with the collaboration of a team of researchers and practicioners.

All of these changes and new concepts are the symbol of this age of transition, characterized by the need of a new form of governance based on a strong partnership and collaboration between public, institutions, creative citizens and businesses.

This process of individuation of the appropriate governance tools is not so easy, but it is necessary for the local, regional, and national development. It is our future.

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Nella giornata del 9 Dicembre, il Professor Iaione ha partecipato al caffè dibattito Bookique, organizzato da FuturaTrento. Si è discusso di condivisione, beni comuni, sharing economy: i punti di partenza per riformulare la governance.