The City as a Commons Conference has arrived!

The City as a Commons Conference has arrived!

The City as a Commons Conference has finally arrived! The LabGov team is on site in Bologna, Italy. We are finishing final preparations at Opificio Golinelli, and pre-registration are well under way at the Urban Center.


The LabGov team anxiously awaits participants’ arrival tomorrow morning at 9 AM for Institutional Greetings with Giusella Finocchiaro,  Marco Cammelli, Virginio Merola and Antonio Danieli followed by a welcome from Sheila Foster and Christian Iaione and the Keynote Address from Tine de Moor titled “How To Be A Critical Scholar Of The Commons? Understanding The Commons In All Their Dimensions.”

We look forward to hosting a series of different panels tomorrow, Nov 6, for paper presenters, as well as a series of poster presentations on the urban commons.

Panel topics include exciting urban commons topics such as “Locating and Managing Urban Ecosystems,” “Collectively Shared Civic Networks and Maps,” “Neighborhood Level Common Goods,” among many others.

We plan to end tomorrow’s activities with a Keynote Address by Ezio Manzini at 4:30 PM, in addition to a conversation on Open Cooperativism with David Bollier and Michel Bauwens, moderated by Christian Iaione. This will be followed by a celebratory conference dinner at Palazzo Re Enzo, a palace that is the ideal representation of Bologna’s cultural heritage.