ArtAbout: when art and social innovation come together

ArtAbout: when art and social innovation come together

In today’s society topics such as environmental and territorial issues are increasingly gaining importance. The impact that pollution has on the Planet we are living in is of central importance in many debates. Often, though, speeches are not enough to sensitize the population on such a delicate subject.
In this context, a new project has risen: ArtAbout. ArtAbout is an Open and Integrated Project Platform that aims at denouncing all the environmental issues surrounding us through the use of art. Indeed, since the very beginning of mankind, art has been a great tool for reaching towards men’s hearts by representing from a critical point of view uncomfortable matters.
The first theme that ArtAbout wants to deal with is the pollution caused by petrol, which represents a great problem especially in the Italian region Basilicata. Through the competition ArtAboutOIL, artists and publishers from all over the world are called to propose a project for a film work on site aimed at sensitizing the people about the oil issue.
Allelammie, Casa Netural, IAC – Centre of Integrated Art and SassieMurgia are the sponsors of ArtAbout: four Lucan agents that work in the field of social innovation and creativity. Launching the project ArtAboutOIL they want to restate their commitment to innovation and improvement of territorial and cultural issues by transmitting a message about the importance of safeguarding the wonderful Lucan territory before it gets seriously damaged by pollution.
As written in the grant, the sponsors have not received any kind of external founding for the project. This is why ArtAboutOIL not only calls artists to participate, but is also looking for investors that are willing to “donate” some money that will help to provide basic tools that will help to realize the project and will also help to found the winner’s prize: a 10 day stay in Basilicata, during which he or she will be able to realize the video-project proposed. Investing even a little amount of resources in ArtAboutOil will surely be a great symbolic act that will have an even greater impact especially in the local territory. In fact, it is important to understand that only through small actions we can hope to mobilize greater mechanisms of solidarity and union.
The kind of art that ArtAbout wants to enhance is a “partecipative art”, which means that people will not only be asked to observe the wonderful creations that the artists will produce but will also have to look at them critically, and will have to appeal their sense of civic duty to improve their community afterwards. We could also talk about a “360degrees-art” which wants to tell in an innovative way the reality of energetic production and its related issues. A reality which now more than ever is of great importance and of which we all need to become aware of.


ArtAbout è una Piattaforma Progettuale Aperta e Integrata lanciata da quattro realtà Lucane che operano dell’ambito dell’innovazione sociale. In ArtAbout l’arte diventa il principale strumento per comunicare e diffondere messaggi relativi l’importanza della salvaguardia del territorio, dell’ambiente e delle culture locali.

Con il progetto ArtAboutOIL, ArtAbout vuole concentrarsi sul tema del petrolio in Basilicata; argomento molto importante che copre non solo tematiche relative all’inquinamento dell’ambiente ma anche alla questione delle politiche energetiche. In questo contesto artisti e produttori sono chiamati a partecipare ad ArtAboutOIL, creando un video focalizzato su questo problema.

ArtAbout non riceve nessun finanziamento esterno ed è per questo che fa appello anche a possibili investitori che desiderino contribuire economicamente alla realizzazione di questo progetto.

Con ArtAbout si parla di arte partecipata, dove ogni individuo è chiamato a rielaborare in maniera critica i messaggi trasmessi dagli artisti ed impegnarsi per migliorare la realtà che lo circonda.