A new approach to urban planning and land use unveiled on March 9th

A new approach to urban planning and land use unveiled on March 9th

On March 9th, 2015 in Sala della Promoteca at Palazzo Senatorio (Capitol Hill in Rome) the Legal Affairs Department of the City of Rome will host the conference “Aesthetics, preservation and development of the territory reflections for a new urban approach“. The conference will start at 3PM and LabGov will be present with its coordinator, Christian Iaione.

The purpose of this conference is to stimulate a new thinking and to achieve a sustainable approach that could (re)design the traditional rules of urban planning and land use. The conference aims at opening a debate on the conciliation between the preservation of the existing aesthetic and the use of new tools and technologies for the development and regeneration of urban areas and rural areas.

In recent years, the scarcity of resources and the emergence of new challenges, according to the model of “negotiated planning”, forced local authorities to introduce innovative forms of dialogue with the private sector.

During the conference, experts will deal with issues such as Negotiation and administrative power, urban negotiation and Participation and Legality.

Christian Iaione –  LabGov coordinator – will participate at the round table, bringing the experiences developed in Bologna with the Regulation on public collaboration for urban commons, in Mantova with the Pact of collaborative governance, and Battipaglia with the City Urban Plan as a Pact of Collaboration for Legality and Land Use.


Un nuovo approccio alla pianificazione urbana? Se ne parla il 9 marzo in Campidoglio!

Lunedì 9 marzo ci sarà il Convegno Estetica, Preservazione e sviluppo del territorio: riflessioni per un nuovo approccio urbano. Il Convegno avrà luogo in Sala della Promoteca del Palazzo Senatorio (in Campidoglio) a partire dalle ore 15.00.

Lo scopo del Convegno sarà quello di stimolare il pensiero al fine di (ri)disegnare le regole tradizionali in favore di una nuova pianificazione urbana, preservando la bellezza e la storia del territorio.