Under the viaduct – the transformation of an abandoned suburban area into a space of collective participation

Under the viaduct – the transformation of an abandoned suburban area into a space of collective participation

G124Under the viaduct is a project aiming at recovering the Viadotto dei Presidenti, an infrastructure located in the North- Eastern periphery of Rome, whose construction was abandoned more than 10 years ago and has never been completed.

The requalification and rethinking of this area is only a part of a much broader project on which the group G124 (http://renzopianog124.com/) , created and guided by the architect and senator Renzo Piano, is working. The G124 has started his first year of activity by selecting three suburban areas of three Italian cities in which to intervene, and has then developed a strategy to regenerate the abandoned space and give it back to the community.

The young architects composing the group share the view of Renzo Piano on the importance of recovering the peripheries , transforming them into spaces that can have their own beauty and dignity. The growth of our cities ought to be implosive rather than explosive, the brown fields must be reconverted into green fields and the abandoned areas must be redesigned, so that they can acquire a new life and become an aggregation center for the local community. This is what Renzo Piano calls rammendo(patching), meaning the process of connecting fragments of the city between which there is no dialogue and building a structure that will be not only urban but also social.

What has been done in Rome through the project Under the Viaduct is the perfect application of this principle. After an accurate observation of the area the members of G124 managed to get in contact with the local community ad to involve it in the rethinking process, through the cooperation with several associations active on the territory, such as Greenapsi and Interazioni Urban and LabGov itself. The priority was given to the ideas of the citizens, reflecting their real necessities, and the population played an active role in the design and development of the final project.

The co-working activity has revealed the existence of a wide group of people living in the neighborhood who are interested in cooperating and are willing to put their energies into the construction of a shared space for the community. Their participation is fundamental, because it is only through the citizens’ engagement that the new space can be maintained and managed, being thus sustainable.

Today, even though part of the project still has to be completed, we can already see the transformation that has begun. The area under the viaduct, which for years was inaccessible, is now an open space where people of every age and kind can meet to take part in the numerous activities which are organized, ranging from games for the children, laboratories of recycle and reuse, photography exhibitions and live concerts.

Finally, the collaboration born between LabGov and the G124 Team has been the starting point of the new project started in Battipaglia  , in the province of Salerno. For the architect Massimo Alvisi, coordinator of G124, the task of drawing up the guidelines and strategic planning policies of the city of Battipaglia, putting the basis for the future preparation of the urbanistic plan. LabGov participates in the project giving its experience in the design of the city as a commons, through co-design processes and the method of the collaborative governance of the commons.


Progetto SottoIlViadotto – Rigenerazione urbana nata grazie alla collaborazione con G124 di Renzo Piano diventa esempio da seguire!

Sottoilviadotto è un progetto che aspira a trasformare il Viadotto dei Presidenti, una struttura abbandonata situata in una zona periferica nel nord-est di Roma, in un luogo di collaborazione e partecipazione cittadina. Sottoilviadotto si inscrive in un progetto più grande, che non si limita alla realtà romana ma coinvolge diverse città italiane, e nasce dal lavoro del gruppo G124, creato e guidato dall’architetto e Senatore a vita Renzo Piano. Alla base di questo programma c’è la visone condivisa dal gruppo sulla necessità di recuperare le aree periferiche più degradate, che rappresentano la sfida maggiore per il futuro della città. Il ripensamento di questi spazi non può essere portato avanti unicamente da un gruppo di architetti, ma deve vedere il coinvolgimento della collettività dei cittadini e deve essere il risultato di un processo di cooperazione e compartecipazione dei diversi attori locali. La collaborazione tra LabGov e G124 continua. Massimo Alvisi, coordinatore di G124,è stato incaricato di delineare le linee guida per il futuro piano urbanistico di Battipaglia, cittadina vicino Salerno. LabGov collabora al progetto fornendo la sua esperienza nella progettazione della città intesa come bene comune, tramite processi di co-progettazione e con il metodo della governance collaborativa dei beni comuni.


Per saperne di più: www.renzopianog124.com