TUTUR – Temporary use as a tool for urban regeneration – Final Conference

TUTUR – Temporary use as a tool for urban regeneration – Final Conference

The next 2nd and 3rd March the TUTUR final conference will take place in Rome. In these two days, the experiences from around Europe and Italy will be presented in the conference room of Palazzo Taverna in the III District of Rome.

TUTUR  is a pilot project financed by the URBACT program , which aims at developing a policy instrument to allow and support temporary uses of abandoned and under-used properties by opening up to new models of experimentation. The project foresees the implementation of this practice in Rome, in Itay, and Alba Iulia, in Romania, based on the good practice of Bremen: the ZwischenZeitZentrale  . It activates many buildings and supports the City Administration in the urban planning long-term plans.

Temporary use is a planning tool effectively bringing together various stakeholders: it engages an important number of municipal and private economic development agencies and property owners, as well as cultural organizations, to elaborate potential uses of existing infrastructure and resources.

LabGov collaborated in the local support group of TUTUR during the event Under the viaduct . The project, that has been one of the activities of G124 – a working group supported by Renzo Piano, concerned the regeneration and temporary use of the area placed under the Viaduct of the Presidents, in the Nuovo Salario quarter of Rome. Moreover, Professor Iaione – coordinator of LabGov – partecipated in the roundtable  at the Conference Il mercato al centro , together with experts and local public officers, bringing the experience of the LUISS Community Garden and CO- Mantova.

During the two-day event, the partners will deal with different topics such as  “markets as reactivator of neighbourhoods and short food chain distribution”; “European good practices in terms of temporary reuse”; “Theory of Cohesion policy”.

There will be – among all speakers who will come – Emily Berwyn an experienced project designer and manager for programmes that utilise vacant space to support community initiatives, social and creative entrepreneurialism and facilitate placemaking; Stephanie Raab, who advises companies, property managers, local governments and owners in project development and with regard to funding opportunities, inter alia, within the commercial vacancy projects and accompanied project developments in the cultural sector accounts.

Program of two-day event and more information could be find here: http://tutur.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/URBACT_TUTUR_Conference_EN2.pdf


TUTUR – Conferenza finale

I prossimi 2 e 3 marzo si terrà a Roma la conferenza finale del progetto TUTUR. Durante l’incontro, che avrà luogo presso il Palazzo Taverna ( III Municipio di Roma), saranno presentate esperienze italiane e europee in materia di uso temporaneo dei siti dismessi come strumento di rigenerazione urbana. 

TUTUR è un progetto pilota europeo che ha come obiettivo lo sviluppo di uno strumento normativo per permettere e promuovere l’utilizzo temporaneo di edifici abbandonati, snellendone il processo burocratico ed aprendo a nuovi modelli di sperimentazione. Il progetto vede coinvolto il Comune di Roma, di Brema e di Alba Iulia (Romania); il modello è proprio uno strumento della città tedesca, lo ZwischenZeitZentrale, che ha promosso il riutilizzo temporaneo di molti immobili abbandonati.

Per maggiori informazioni sul progetto e sul programma : http://tutur.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/URBACT_TUTUR_Conference_IT1.pdf