VI National Conference of ANCI Giovani: social innovation, smart cities and cultural heritage

VI National Conference of ANCI Giovani: social innovation, smart cities and cultural heritage

bannerOn the next 20 and 21 February will be held in Milan the VI National Assembly of ANCI Giovani, the youth section of the National Associations of Italian Municipalities, entitled “Destination Europe. Is Italy aimless?”. The focus of the two day meeting will be the future challenges of European integration which will involve more and more the activities of every single Italian Municipalities and will affect our territories in processes of innovation and transformation. The conference will be devoted to social innovation, urban regeneration and the cultural territorial heritage of Italian Municipalities.

On the first day, after the opening session with the ANCI President Piero Fassino, Major of Torino, there will be two parallel workshops entitled “Social innovation and the challenge of youth employment” and “Urbanitas: sustainable urban development”.

LabGov, with its coordinator Prof. Christian Iaione, will bring its experiences to the discussion on social innovation together with ItaliaCamp, Torino Social Innovation, Urbact – JobTown of Cesena, and other projects and organizations active in the field of social innovation in Italy.  The second workshop will focus on the sustanaible and smart development of Italian territories both cities and rural areas.

On the 21 February, following the EXPO 2015 “Feeding the planet, energy for life”, experts, public officers and representatives from businesses and NGOs will devote attention to territory, environment and food, and on the important role of intangible cultural heritage represented by the traditional local food productions of Italian Municipalities.

It will be possible to follow the conference through social media using the hashtag #urbanitas and #ancisocinn

Find here the complete programme of the conference