Tools for social impact, Designing and measuring; LabGov in Salerno

Tools for social impact, Designing and measuring; LabGov in Salerno


How to measure social innovation? How to assess the impact of new models on our society? These are just some of the main questions that will be addressed in a 3-days workshop that will be held in Salerno (January 16-18).


Organized by Societing and Socialseed, Labgov will be among the partners of this event. The aim of the workshop is in line with the necessity to change drastically our approach to social innovation. Today’s world cannot rely anymore on old paradigm based on profit and competitiveness; in fact the complexity of our society deserves something more. The only way to value new practices is to develop a new analytical toolbox for social innovation.

To be accountable, we need to measure the added value that enterprises can generate by adopting a social innovation-oriented model; the challenge is thus the one of acknowledging the value of the practices of social innovation and to understand, through an interactive process, all the instruments of design thinking and their possible application.


Through the use of new tools derived from Design Thinking and Theory of Change, the workshop will be a valuable experience of co-working.


Finally it will be given the possibility to interact with professional facilitators and brilliant personalities that will offer their contribution in the co-working session.



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