International Crowdfunding as a model originally conceived

International Crowdfunding as a model originally conceived

The international crowdfunding  in 2013 came to 5 billion according to data released in Las Vegas, at the second international convention on the subject, anticipated by Adnkronos, after that in 2012 this mode of raising funds allowed to drain away over Internet $ 2.7 billion which doubled at the end of the year. At the convention, said Alessandro Lerro, representative of our country, “Italy looks like a leader, having implemented first in comprehensive legislation on equity crowdfunding, namely the collection by internet venture capital, for innovative start-ups. Italy – continues Lerro – provides a legal framework extremely protective for the retail investor, a clear and defined environment, supervised by CONSOB, suitable to provide the necessary certainty to all players in the market. Moreover, the legislation Italian has a strong international profile, allowing all European companies, with shareholders of any nationality, to participate in crowdfunding in Italy as proponents or as platforms, in addition to admit investments from anywhere in the world. “It adds Lerro, “an important opportunity which for now is limited to innovative companies, but that could be extended to all companies, according to the model originally conceived by the Jobs Act in the US.”

Remember that last July 12th, 2013, CONSOB published the Regulation on “raising venture capital from firms innovative start-ups through online portals” (equity crowdfunding). The Regulation defines a series of obligations relating to the conduct of licensed operators and to provide information to enable investors to reasonably understand the nature of the investment and make decisions in an informed way.

Moreover, these are other top crowdfunding campaigns of 2013:

3D Printing: As one of the most popular categories in 2013, 3D Printing saw many projects top the ‘most funded’ boards on both Indiegogo and Kickstarter; Smart watches: Following the runaway success of the Pebble watch in 2012, the smart watch was another hot category for crowdfunding this year; Location devices : With the advent of Bluetooth Low Energy, a number of devices have cropped up that allow you to track the whereabouts of your possessions so that if you lose something, it’s easier to recover it; Photography: A number of new technologies emerged in 2013 thanks to crowdfunding that allow new types of photography for the normal user, such as time lapse helpers, light painting sticks and other new form factors; Software: Hardware might be more popular on crowdfunding, but it doesn’t mean great software projects don’t get funded.

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