LUISS students “Under the viaduct”. Regeneration experiment in Rome

LUISS students “Under the viaduct”. Regeneration experiment in Rome

sottoilviadotto_fotoOn the next 11th and 12th of October LabGov will participate in the event organized by the Renzo Piano’s G124 working group.

Saturday 11th and Sunday  12th  will be presented in Rome the initiatives for the regeneration and temporary use of the area placed under the Viaduct of the Presidents, in the Nuovo Salario quarter of Rome. This viaduct, which extends from the periphery of the Capital, was built some decades ago for a urban railway that has never been terminated and is nowadays in decay. The project is part of the activities of G124, a working group supported by Renzo Piano, the famous Italian architect and Italian senator since 2013, is coordinated by Arch. Massimo Alvisi and aims at redesigning the urban peripheries and the city of the future. The project managers of the initiatives are two young and talented architects Eloisa Susanna and Francesco Lorenzi. The two day initiatives will be dedicated to the presentation of the project to the neighborhood, slightly before the comprehensive presentation that is currently scheduled for the end of November at the Italian Parliament.

Saturday the Serpentara Station will be reactivated and the community will finally be able to enjoy an ecological space with grass and childrens’ playground. the social lunch -called “Public spaces as a commons” – will be an important moment for all the citizens, who can freely access the facility. The project is realized in collaboration with Greenapsi Associazione Viadotto dei Presidenti, Associazione Interazioni Urbane and the local community. Nonetheless without the collaboration of the special partner “Roma Capitale” administration, it wouldn’t be possible to organize the event. Thus it is crucial to recognize the importance of the collaboration that was set among the different actors and partners.

LabGov will be present during the activities for supporting the participatory design of the space. The  organized workshop will be starting at 3:30 pm till 5:30 pm and it will consist in a speech of Christian Iaione, coordinator of LabGov and professor of Public Law, that will illustrate how is it possible to realize a collaborative governance of a public space; Finally there will be time for a co-design session , namely “Under the Viaduct” , for involving the community in the design thinking activity aimed at redefining the future of this space.


Locandina Evento 11-12 ottobre 2014