The future of transportation?! Now it’s also a series..

Is difficult to say what will be the future, and when it will comes, especially in a fast field such as transportation. Some Years ago we imagined flying cars, teleportation and advertising everywhere, a kind of “blade runner” reality.  Today we already have prototypes of cars that drive themselves or streets that incorporate solar panels to light them self and, for example, alert you where the parking is free.
Definitely one of the major problems for us Italians in general, but also for anyone living in a metropolis, is the traffic is blocked and the roads impassable. Getting in the center of Rome or Milan often takes hours, and even on the highway is always difficult to calculate travel times with precision because the traffic is huge and always a great unknown.
Many cities are developing the car-sharing to reduce the number of cars in the parking and streets, or forms of economic-help for those who commute to work or university with a car full rather than single-car. Certainly this are good ideas but where will the future of transport?
In US was born in the last few months a new mini-series in episodes to talk about these problems and their possible solution that will drastically reduce one of the major problems of work: to get there. “The future of transportation” will examine the full extent of America’s transportation challenges and explore how US cities are reinventing the way we navigate them, focus on the Initiatives and technologies being developed right now That will change the way we move around cities in the next 5, 10, and 25 years.
The series will be split into three parts. We’ll begin with the elusive search for “The Perfect Commute,” exploring new and better ways to Enhance what can be the most infuriating part of the day, the journey to and from work. Next we’ll examine “The Smartest Trip,” focusing on the crucial connections between transportation and progress and achieving sustainability. Finally we’ll document the current state of Design in Motion,” sneaking a peak at the Technological and planning innovations That will fundamentally alter America’s transportation landscape.
Now let’s see what will be and let’s play our role, starting to fill up our car !!

The future