How to communicate a collaborative enterprise for the commons on social media.

How to communicate a collaborative enterprise for the commons on social media.

Locandina_Mantova_24_25_luglioIn Mantova on the 24th and 25th of July for the fourth leg of the “Entrepreneurs for the commons” Laboratory.

The importance of the social media within the communication sphere, in particular in the fields of involvement, persuasion and influence, is difficult to estimate, but is undeniable. We are in the era of “prosuming” i.e. the exact correspondence of production and consumption. For this reason it is necessary to rethink how to communicate.

In Mantova the “Entrepreneurs for the commons” Laboratory – promoted by the “Cooperative and Civic Economy Enterprises Group” established within the Chamber of Commerce of Mantova and realized in collaboration with Labsus – Laboratory for the subsidiariarity – has reached its fourth leg. The project aims to cultivate, develop, empower some of the best ideas emerged from the call for ideas “Culture as a commons” launched by the Province of Mantova, Cariplo Foundation and the Chamber of Commerce of Mantova.

The next 24th and 25th of July the expert in social media and political communication Dino Amenduni of Proforma, will held the two day activities of the group supported by the facilitators of LabGov. The meeting, hosted by Santagnese10, a creative co-working space provided by the Municipality of Mantova, is entitled “How to communicate a collaborative enterpirse for the commons on social media”.

In the first day will be held a workshop, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., with a theoretical part and a more practical one, in which the participants of the Laboratory will receive all the tools and methodology for creating a communication campaign. The second day, from 9 a.m to 4 p.m., the group will be involved in a co-working session. The objective will be to write a ready-to-use communication plan and to test the ideas emerged within the Mantova ideas camp from a communication perspective.