ReinventAda+, a second opportunity of shared regeneration in Villa Ada

ReinventAda+, a second opportunity of shared regeneration in Villa Ada

Banner ReinventAda+ (1)The next June 26th, 2014 at the Temple of Flora in Rome will be held ReinventAda+, an opportunity of shared regeneration organized by LabGov in the wake of the highly successful ReinventAda, held in October 2013 together with La Calzoleria, club of social and cultural promotion.

LabGov considers as handbook and benchmark the Regulation adopted by the Municipality of Bologna on the “Cooperation among citizens and administration for the care and the regeneration of urban commons” and the urban commons at issue is the Temple of Flora which is in the wonderful park of Villa Ada, in Rome.

The Labgovers will symbolically repossess the Temple on June 26th, for a second edition of shared regeneration that, this time, will also see the presence of artists to animate the event.

In fact, during the first edition of ReinventAda, held on October the 25th, 2013, the Labgovers have cleaned up and restored the Temple and its surrounding area that, despite the restoration works made over the years, were in a state of degradation and abandonment.

During that memorable day it was shown that thanks to the cooperation of the local Administration (the Councillors of the City of Rome Flavia  Barca and Estella Marino were actually attending the event) the people willing to roll up their sleeves can easily do it and take care of those urban commons which the Administration often loses sight of.

After eight months, however, the writers (the ones who only soil, not the artists), the waste and the dry leaves are back together with the abandonment, so the Temple of Flora is back to seem an old ruin left alone. But the Labgovers do not accept this situation and they have decided to persist and continue to work actively on the territory.


Thus, on June the 26th will be held ReinventAda+, the second edition of the first ReinventAda event that this time will not only consider the cleaning of the Temple but also moments of entertainment, called “Intimismi”, with music, reading and an exhibition of live painting made by Urban Decoarations. LabGov intends to contribute to the construction of a steering committee that aggregates the various associations, institutional entities, as well as civic and business subjects interested in achieving cultural and amusement activities to enhance the Temple of Flora and restore its former function of meeting place and cultural exchange. For this reason will be presented a Pact of Collaboration to ensure that the Temple of Flora will soon become a meeting and interest place for the local community.


Here the programme of ReinventAda+:

h 2:00 pm – Start of the activities

  • Setting up and Regeneration of the Temple of Flora

h 4:30 pm – Arrivals of guests


h 5:00 pm – “A proposal for the shared Governance of Villa Ada”

  • Opening greeting from LabGov
  • Presentation of the Pact of Collaboration
  • Presentation of the Handbook for the Placemaking
  • Reading by Professor Sebastiano Maffettone

 h 5.00 pm Live painting by Lorenzo Properzi of Urban Decorations

h 5:30 pm – Cultural entertainment “Intimismi”

  • Music provided by La Calzoleria with:
  • Marcello e il mio amico Tommaso
  • Luca Bertelli


h 7: 30pm – End of the activities


For LabGov Group

Stefano Speranza