Forum PA 2014, Eggers: “Old problems, new solutions”

Forum PA 2014, Eggers: “Old problems, new solutions”


In the face of new models for the management and policy making of today’s society, which kind of role should the public sector have towards new actors? This question, among the others, is at the core of the Forum PA 2014 held at the Palazzo dei Congressi (EUR, Rome): the annual Italian fair for confrontation between the public sector and the society.

On May, 27, William D. Eggers, Research Director for Deloitte, was the international guest for the panel “From governing with the network, to the State-partnership”. In this occasion it was presented his new book ‘The Solution Revolution’ co-authored with Paul Macmillan.

The main idea behind it, is that to each societal problem corresponds a societal solution. Therefore, the main challenge today is to unite the ever-growing universe of problem solvers around a single problem; rather than expect the government to do the job.

To date, organizations or individuals around the world changed the approach to classic problems; but very often they failed for they work in an highly uncoordinated way. While, governments burdened by financial constraints simply could not find concrete solution in a majority of cases.

For this reason a new model is needed: the one of collaboration, between new and old players. Individuals, NGO, public and private sector; anyone is involved in this run to solve local and global inefficiencies. Governments in particular should be the enablers of this revolution, by facilitating initiatives.

At the end of the day, to create markets around markets failure is the goal of what has been called ‘solution economy’. According to Eggers, all the pieces of this puzzle are there, for anyone to take it. The only creative effort required is to look at old problems with new eyes.