Elionor Ostrom: the movie

Elionor Ostrom: the movie

imagesHow to tell the story of the queen of the commons, Eleonor Ostrom? Whith a movie.


Eleonor Ostom, first woman to win the Nobel Prize, highlighted the role of commons and citizen participation. With her husband Vincent, a scholar of public administration, founded in 1973 the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis. Theirs ideas change the way in which to look at shared resources, public spaces and services, environment, climate change and much more.

Actual World, Possible Future” will be the story of the life of Eleonor and Vincent that according to the Director «in their half-century relationship, built an enduring, loving marriage; an influential intellectual partnership; and a wide-ranging movement of people dedicated—as the Ostroms were—to addressing the enormous problems that plague human societies»

But it  doesn’t end here.  The Director of the movie Barbara Allen, filmmaker and Political Science Professor at Carleton College, but above all friends of the couple, launched a crowd-funding campaign to finance part of the realization of the movie. In a perfect “commons style” she asked the contribution of all people that want Elionor Ostrom and her ideas spread around the globe through a film.

If you want more information on how to support this project see at: http://igg.me/at/ostromsthemovie