Pass the hat against baby gang

Pass the hat against baby gang


It’s happening in Naples. The “Fondazione di Comunità del centro storico” of Naples, and famous pizzerias in the historic center, organized an initiative to make aware citizen about baby gang.

The “Pizza e pò mò dono”, this is the project’s name, is based on fundraising. Pizzerias who participate, as la Casa della Pizza di Gino Sorbillo, will give 25 eurocent each, for every pizza sold. The initiative starts November 6th  and continuous since January, one day a week, to raise among 15.000/20.000 Euros. Money will be used to counter violence against tourists and citizens, because of the fact that city center is increasingly becoming a training ground for would-be thieves.

The “Fondazione di Comunità del centro storico” headed by Adriano Giannola, former honorary president of the Fondazione Banco di Napoli, intends to support citizens groups , part of the II and IV municipality, and help the weaker improving the quality of life in these areas. The project fielded with pizzerias will be presented to the public November 5th in the Casa della Pizza di Gino Sorbillo.

The event will be held November 6, 13, 20 and December 4, 11 and 18, and next January 8, 2014. In this way, also tourists will finance recovery projects for weak children of the city, simply eating a typical and delicious product as Pizza.