Art that makes social employment

Art that makes social employment

1234780463782_Cartina-ItaliaMuseiThe artistic Italian heritage can create jobs and help Italy to reduce unemployment, produce income and finally exit from the crisis?

The answer will be given next 28th October in Rome when will take place the closing ceremony of the competition ARS.Arte che reallizza occupazione sociale (Art that makes social employment). The competition, promoted by Accenture Italian Foundation, aims to find good ideas on how to create jobs improving and promoting art. More than 1.200 people, associations and organizations have proposed their ideas through the online platform ideaTRE60. More than 500 ideas were proposed. But, after a scrupulous selection by a selected committee, only 10 finalists have had the opportunity to compete for the final prize. For the winning idea there is up for grabs 1 million euro.

The projects selected are those that present some characteristics: innovation, high scalability and reproducibility, but also those that allow repercussion in the job market and are economically sustainable. It is also required that the project relies in the professional competences of experts from different background.

Moreover the competition is an ideal forum for discussing what is today in Italy the situation of the art, and what the possible solutions for improving the Italian artistic heritage are.

The 10 finalist projects come from all over Italy: from the requalification of the ancient port of Trieste, to the creation of a museum of modern art in L’Aquila, since a project that combine art and food in Campania. Finally among the 10 finalist there is also the project Favara Urban Network that we talked about in one of our article.

For Italians living in close contact with the artistic heritage is a natural thing of everyday and sometimes we forget the true value of this immense heritage. On the one hand the ARS competition wants to remember the importance of this resource for the development of Italy. On the other hand Italians are ready.