The eco-friendly Italian architecture

The eco-friendly Italian architecture

imageIf you are saying you cannot find a corporate social responsibility in Italy, well, you are definitely wrong. Thereexists several cases, even in the eco-friendly architecturefield. Of course, our works are nowhere near to the major Australian infrastructure, but in our country there are so many hotels and buildings which are environmentally sustainable.

One example is the new shopping center for the Coop inOrbetello, the first one in Italy that is carbon-free. The entire building is covered by sustainable materials with a design that is in perfect harmony with the WWF Oasis of Laguna that rises just in front of the center. A real point of contact between nature and urban space. The eco-sustainability is everywhere: in design, with areas designated for bird-watching, with public outfields and parking facilities blendedwith green spaces; in the energy mechanisms, with windows that open to shed which allows to take themaximum advantage of the light and heating/cooling systems powered by solar panels and photovoltaic systems.

The most interesting thing is the supermarket structure, withwalls made up of recycled raw materials and totally energy-saving internal systems. In other words: Coop Carbon-free. What does that mean? The refrigerators have self-closingdoors and the interior lights automatically raise or lower the light spectrum. No more carbon emissions!

Furthermore, during the works have been used specialpractices to minimize the noise, the vibrations and the dustsin the air.

The human being should recover a connection with nature and the environment to learn to appreciate and respect it.