EXPORURALE. Where ideas grow.

EXPORURALE. Where ideas grow.

expo_cartolina_2013_no loghiLand of the Italian Renaissance, Tuscany wants to be host of a new renaissance, where the real innovation is the rediscovery of the tradition.

The Region of Tuscany presents the next 12 September the kermess EXPO RURALE that this year is at its third edition. Three days of expositions, laboratories, meetings that aims to show the essence of the agriculture in Tuscany. This will be an opportunity to learn about the present, the past and the future of the agricultural sector in this region of Italy.

The agriculture represents for Italy not only culture, landscape, environment and tradition, but also a real opportunity of development. The farm has a positive impact in economic and social terms. The farm producing agricultural goods and food products has become, pursuing excellence, a multifunctional activity. In fact connects agriculture and sustainability, through the use of renewable energy and pollution control. Moreover contributes to the improvement of the quality and safety of the food. Finally and more recently the farm has become more attentive to the social sector, introducing activities that help the development of the community, improve social cohesion and the maintenance of the traditions and culture of the territory.

Among the many workshop and conferences during the EXPO RURALE one interesting argument will be the question of “civic customs” (usi civici). This ancient Italian institution is a series of rights and duties of the rural communities that allows people to use common territories for the pasture of animals, for collecting wood, fishing in rivers, gathering mushrooms and much more. Even today in 57 municipalities in Tuscany the “civic customs” are practiced in a territory of 30.000 hectares.

Finally on Thursday 12, will be present the Ministry of Agricultural Policies, Nunzia De Girolamo, in a workshop in which will be discussed the bases for the Program for Rural Development 2014-2020.