Garden of Solidarity

Garden of Solidarity

A Garden example of collaboration allows people to cultivate themselves.

A perfect example of how a project of governance of the Commons has to be realized. In the city of Olbia, in the north-east coast of Sardinia, the collaboration and cooperation of different subjects, starting from the Municipality, the High School Amsicora, the Law Court, passing to the Police, the Civil Protection, the Caritas and also a Recovery community, make possible the creation of a Garden of Solidarity.

The project gives the opportunity for those who have committed an error, generally responsible for a traffic offence, to replace the serving of a sentence in activities socially useful. The Garden, a real farm with a plant nursery, is set in a large plot in the High School “Amsicora”, a place previously not exploited, that the Director Gianluca Corda wanted to return to the community. As we know the school is a public space and must be enjoyed by all the community, not only in the morning for lessons.

Until now there have been sixteen persons in the Garden, men and women of different ages. They have cleared and fenced the land and finally cultivated it with their hands. The products of the Garden are reserved for the Caritas making possible that the soup kitchen has always fresh and genuine products also for disadvantage persons. A chain of solidarity is created: public institutions help those who make mistakes and who makes mistakes helps those in need.

Moreover the project has proved extremely useful for the social reintegration. The persons that have participated often started not very motivated, but at the end they change their life and from the land, with the help of the nature, sometime it is easier to overcome problems like alcoholism or drug addiction.