Active Schools Network

Active Schools Network

Team workingThe project “Active Schools Network” aims to spread within schools the values of horizontal subsidiarity, active citizenship and the shared care of the commons. The project uses the method of clinic education adopting a bottom-up approach based on the idea that where born a need there is also an explanation. 

In Italy lacks civicness and civic culture. The project “Active Schools Network”, based on an informal model of education to the civic maintenance of the commons, has the objective to train the new generation to take part and to be leading actors of the shared administration. The students shall live the commons and become protagonist of the practice of the principle of subsidiarity by giving them the methodology for dealing with complex issues through the method of learning by doing.


The project is structure as follows:

  1. 1.      Training: learning of the basic concepts about horizontal subsidiarity, commons and shared administration. The method adopted utilizes participative and interactive lessons, watching of enjoyable video and continuous debate in class trying to stimulate the participation of the students.
  2. 2.      Selection of the project: individuation of a commons (tangible or intangible / material or immaterial) chosen according to the requirements of the students.
  3. 3.      Realization of the project chosen in the classroom

In order to create a Network the project plans to organize an avente at the conclusion. In particular it will be a Christmas Party in conjunction with a press conference. During the event will be presented the activities made throughout the months of the project by all the schools involved through an exposition of the creative works made by the students entitles “The commons for you” 

Moreover the project aims to create a replicable format of “Active Schools Network” in order to be exported in all schools that decide to apply.

The final phase of the project is the moment of an intergenerational passing the baton. The students become aware to be part of a community and to be active citizens able to transfer and share value and competences of the horizontal subsidiarity.